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Casablanca-Settat region to pilot English in primary schools

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The Casablanca-Settat Regional Academy for Education and Training announced a pilot program to introduce English language instruction in primary schools’ sixth grade starting next academic year.

According to a memorandum, the academy will develop teaching frameworks for this limited experiment during the remainder of the current school year. The selection of participating schools will be based on established criteria.

Youssef El Omri, President of the Moroccan Association of English Language Professors, applauds the pilot program and urges its expansion nationwide.

He highlighted the benefits of early language learning, citing the head start students in private schools enjoy.

English has only been taught in Moroccan public schools starting from the third year of middle school.

According to a ministerial strategy implemented this school year, English has been introduced at a capacity of 10% in the 2023-2024 school year and in the second year of middle school.

A release by the educational body states that the next phase would be to increase English instruction by 50% in the first year of middle school in 2024-2025 and by 100% in the second year.

The final phase is to teach English to all students in the first year of middle school at 100% capacity.

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“Public school students deserve equal opportunity,” El Omari emphasizes, advocating for a strong foundation in English as it becomes increasingly crucial.

He also points to previous challenges faced when introducing English-language science courses due to insufficient language proficiency among students.

The academy cites the Moroccan Constitution’s emphasis on foreign language learning for global engagement and cultural exchange. Additionally, they reference Framework Law No. 51.17, which promotes linguistic diversity and early language acquisition to equip students for future careers and align with the 2022-2026 education roadmap.

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