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Glovo eyes expansion across new Moroccan cities

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Delivery app and service Glovo is still committed to further expanding its presence in Morocco by venturing into additional cities, revealed Sacha Michaud, co-founder of the Spanish-based company, in an exclusive interview with Hespress English.

Michaud disclosed that Morocco ranks among Glovo’s top five markets globally and is the largest within the region. “We are experiencing 30% year-on-year growth,” he remarked, emphasizing the significance of the Moroccan market for Glovo.

Michaud also expressed enthusiasm about the potential developments in the coming six years.

“Our strategy is to continue growing by launching in new regions across Morocco and enhancing operations through better stores and better partnerships,” explained the co-founder of Glovo.

Discussing the significant opportunities Glovo identifies in the Moroccan market, Michaud highlighted that Morocco is at the forefront of technological innovation on the continent.

He highlighted the country’s advancements in creating a digital society and its progressive government regulatory aimed at fast-tracking the economy across various sectors, not just in digital.

This approach, Michaud emphasized, enhances an environment attractive to investors, encouraging them to invest and expand their businesses in the kingdom.

However, Michaud pointed out that traffic congestion poses a significant challenge to their business.

This issue represents one of the primary obstacles Glovo faces as it continues to expand within the country.

Yet, Michaud highlighted that Morocco is one of Glovo’s most mature markets, where the company first launched its operations.

“We’ve learned how to launch in a new city, onboard courier fleets, and partner with top restaurants and best local stores. This playbook, which we have learned in Morocco, is now used across the continent,” revealed the co-founder of Glovo.

He also highlighted the substantial operational capacity of Glovo in Morocco, with over 100 individuals managing business operations in their offices.

Michaud emphasized the significant presence of thousands of active carriers who earn income daily through the app, along with thousands of partners consistently selling on Glovo Morocco’s platform.

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