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Marketing legal cannabis products devides Moroccan Pharmacists

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Reactions vary among pharmacists in Morocco regarding the information obtained by Hespress concerning the upcoming sale of legally produced cannabis products in the country’s pharmacies, starting mid-June.

Some syndicates consider the arrangements to have begun, while others claim that the situation remains unclear due to a lack of communication.

In this regard, Hamza Guedira, the President of the National Council of the Order of Pharmacists of Morocco, stated that preparations are ongoing, especially since we know that these products will soon be available in pharmacies.

He added that while the exact date is unknown to pharmacists, the Moroccan Federation of Pharmaceutical Industry and Pharmaceutical Innovation has been informed that the rollout in pharmaceutical networks will be within weeks.

In a statement to Hespress, Guedira explained that the Ministry of Interior had sought his opinion on distribution about two weeks ago. 

He indicated that the optimal distribution, in his view, would be through pharmacies, to ensure the process is controlled, protecting the youth and society in general from negative usage of these substances, especially as they will be available to the public for the first time.”

The representative of the pharmaceutical sector noted that these products generally do not adhere to the same conditions as other medications that doctors can prescribe, as cannabis extracts are used solely in dietary supplements and cosmetics.

He pointed out that the practical nature of these extracts means they do not require the same regulations as other medications, particularly those for specific diseases.

On the other hand, Mohamed Lahbabi, President of the Confederation of Pharmacist Syndicates of Morocco, denied receiving any information about the availability of cannabis extracts in pharmacy markets. He emphasized that before proceeding with this step, it is presumed to consult with the Confederation and other professional bodies in the pharmacy sector to ensure an effective participatory measure and a safe distribution of these extracts.

While Guedira stated that the relevant products pertain to cosmetics and dietary supplements, Lahbabi, in his statement to Hespress, stated that there is no available information about medical substances in “Kyff” extracts. He clarified that it is also not known under which category and schedule of medications these products would be listed. He added: “There is no exact date, and it is difficult to release them in June.”

Lahbabi appreciated Morocco’s direction in this matter, recognizing it as a significant project. However, he cautioned that clarification is needed, and it should be supported by a legal framework. He concluded by saying: “There are no arrangements since there is insufficient information; however, these products will be in pharmacies like any other medication, and it is good that they are legally, healthily, and safely traded.”

An official source revealed to Hespress that the first distribution would begin in mid-June and would be restricted to pharmacies to ensure surveillance and tracking. Meanwhile, the National Agency for the Regulation of Activities relating to Cannabis is focusing on holding meetings and conducting field visits to factories to oversee the anticipated processing program.

Translated from Hespress AR by Wissal Mellal

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