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In 46 cities, Moroccans march in support of ICC arrest warrants against Netanyahu

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In Moroccan 46 cities, citizens took part in 105 demonstrations today after Friday prayers, called by the Moroccan Organization for Supporting the Causes of the Ummah, as part of the 33rd “Al-Aqsa Flood Friday,” to “continue to support Palestine until the end of the war and aggression.”

The Moroccan people’s continued support for Gaza and Palestine as a whole has not wavered in the months since the aggression.

According to organizers, these marches show “unconditional solidarity with the just demands of the Palestinian people” and denounce the “genocide, war crimes, starvation and attempted displacement that have taken place in Gaza over the past months since last October.”

These forms of solidarity are a confirmation of Morocco’s firm stance towards the Palestinian cause, say organizers.

Mohammed Riahi, a member of the national bureau of the Moroccan Organization for the Advancement of the Causes of the Ummah, described the ICC prosecutor’s decision to pursue arrest warrants against the Israeli President and the Israeli Minister of Defense for war crimes as “an important decision, although it came late, after the destruction of Gaza City and the targeting of all signs of life in it and the deaths of more than 50,000 martyrs.”

In response to an inquiry about the perception that the organization had on the sidelines of Spain, Norway and Ireland’s recognition of an independent Palestinian state, the activist said: “We value this new direction, which we can consider as a basic means of putting pressure on the occupying entity and its ally America, which we consider a partner in this unprecedented war throughout history.”

Riahi expressed to Hespress AR “hopes that the European consciousness will wake up to the massacres that have taken place in the Gaza Strip over the past months and take the same step.”

Other marches and protests have been organized at the invitation of the Commission in a number of Moroccan cities after Maghrib prayers today, in order to intensify solidarity efforts, especially in light of the new developments this week regarding the International Criminal Court’s decision and the recognition of Palestine by three new European states.

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