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FIFA introduces Women’s Club World Cup slated for 2026

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In a groundbreaking decision, the International Football Association Federation (FIFA) Council, convening ahead of its 74th Congress in Bangkok, announced the launch of the inaugural Women’s Club World Cup, slated for January-February 2026. This move marks a significant step forward in the promotion of women’s football on a global scale.

The Women’s Club World Cup is set to feature 16 teams, although the host country remains undisclosed at this time. FIFA, the world’s football governing body, emphasized that this competition will occur quadrennially, mirroring the format of the men’s Club World Cup.

“FIFA will release further details in the coming months,” stated the organization, underscoring its commitment to fostering the ongoing growth of women’s football worldwide. Additionally, responding to requests from confederations, FIFA proposed the introduction of an extra women’s club competition during non-World Cup years, starting from 2027.

In a separate announcement, FIFA revealed that the Philippines has been chosen as the host nation for the inaugural Women’s Futsal World Cup, slated for 2025. This decision reflects FIFA’s efforts to diversify its portfolio of international football competitions and promote gender equality within the sport.

Moreover, FIFA’s executive committee endorsed the women’s international calendar for the period 2026-2029, opting to reduce international windows from six to five. This measure aims to provide players with adequate rest, minimize travel, and minimize disruptions to domestic championships.

The stage is set for the 74th FIFA Congress, set to commence on Friday in Bangkok, with over 3,000 delegates representing nearly 211 member associations in attendance. Among the key agenda items is the selection of the host country for the 2027 Women’s World Cup.

Delegates from the 211 member countries will convene to vote on Friday, deliberating between Brazil and a joint bid from Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany. This decision will not only determine the location of the tournament but also underscore FIFA’s commitment to advancing women’s football on a global scale.

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