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Sports Minister chairs meeting with Moroccan committee

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Morocco’s Sports Minister Chakib Benmoussa spearheaded a pivotal business meeting on Friday in Rabat, steering discussions with the Kingdom’s Olympic Committee (CNOM) to strategize and assess preparations for Morocco’s representation at the upcoming Olympic Games (OG-2024) in Paris, scheduled from July 26 to August 11.

The session underscored the concerted efforts between Benmoussa’s ministry, the CNOM, and various stakeholders to bolster national sports and fortify Morocco’s stature on the global athletic stage.

Benmoussa commended the collaborative endeavors aimed at empowering Moroccan athletes, ensuring they are equipped with requisite resources, and fostering their readiness to excel on the international platform.

The preparatory initiatives, launched in 2022 under the aegis of the Ministry in tandem with the CNOM and allied entities, have been multifaceted, encompassing financial support, technical assistance, administrative facilitation, and medical provision to fortify the athletes’ prospects.

The Minister lauded CNOM’s endeavors in elevating national sports and advocated for concerted actions to enhance Moroccan athletes’ performances, setting ambitious goals for their representation at the prestigious event.

Currently, Morocco has clinched qualifications across 13 sporting disciplines for the Paris 2024 Olympics, with a contingent of 47 athletes. However, avenues remain open for additional athletes to secure berths in the esteemed event.

In a press statement, Benmoussa reiterated the government’s keen interest in monitoring and facilitating Morocco’s Olympic journey, expressing optimism for a stellar showcase by Moroccan athletes.

The meeting served as a platform to scrutinize diverse facets of Morocco’s Olympic participation, including physical, mental, and logistical considerations. It also accentuated the Ministry’s supportive role in bolstering the Royal Moroccan Federations and the CNOM.

Abdellatif Idmahamma, the Secretary-General of the CNOM, emphasized the significance of the coordination meeting, elucidating discussions revolving around the meticulous arrangements for Morocco’s Olympic campaign. He emphasized the imperative of bolstering collaboration between the Ministry and the CNOM to amplify sports engagement nationwide.

Post-meeting, Minister Benmoussa and CNOM President Faïçal Laraïchi inked a convention aimed at constructing a new headquarters for the CNOM. This initiative, undertaken in preparation for the African Cup of Nations in 2025 and the World Cup in 2030, underscores Morocco’s commitment to fortifying its sporting infrastructure and fostering a conducive environment for athletic excellence.

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