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Moroccan innovator selected for Expo Live innovation program in Dubai

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A Moroccan innovator is among 16 entrepreneurs from around the world chosen for the prestigious Expo Live Innovation Programme. Based in Dubai, this program supports impactful projects that address global challenges.

The Moroccan organization, SeaSkin, will receive crucial support to train youth and women in coastal villages to produce sustainable fish leather and related products. This innovative approach tackles two issues simultaneously: resolving fish waste management and creating employment opportunities in these communities.

The Moroccan project, along with others focusing on education, healthcare, and environmental issues, will receive funding to grow and create a positive change. This year’s program saw over 1,000 applications seeking to encourage innovative solutions.

The Moroccan innovator joins a diverse group that includes initiatives like a Palestinian organization that secures remote jobs for Palestinian tech talents who face limited income opportunities, aiding family sustenance and boosting Palestine’s economy.

“These exciting solutions are already empowering youth, women and vulnerable communities, improving lives and tackling challenges across crucial sectors such as agriculture, education, healthcare, and waste management,” Yousuf Caires, the program’s Executive Director, said.

Expo City Dubai serves as a platform for such initiatives, connecting businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs to share sustainable solutions and collaborate on their development. 

The 16 chosen projects this year bring the total number of Expo Live-supported social entrepreneurs to 191, representing 92 countries.

Expo Live, initially launched during Expo 2020 Dubai, continues its mission under Expo City. It provides critical backing to projects that enhance lives, protect the planet, and ignite entrepreneurial spirit. 

In its first five editions, the program has made a significant impact, positively affecting the lives of over 5.8 million people globally. This impact includes restoring vast areas of land (36 million hectares), reducing carbon emissions (190,000 tonnes of CO2), and conserving water resources (saving 6.3 million liters).

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