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Morocco’s tourism breaks records once again

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The Ministry of Tourism reported that Morocco’s tourism sector recorded a record number exceeding 1.3 million tourists by April 2024, recording a remarkable growth of 17 percent compared to April 2023.

The Ministry indicated in a statement that this exceptional growth reflects the positive upward dynamic that the sector is experiencing, highlighting that this growth includes 15 percent foreign tourists and 20 percent Moroccans residing abroad.

The same source explained that from January to April 2024, Morocco recorded the arrival of 4.6 million tourists, a growth of 14 percent compared to last year and an increase of 567,000 additional arrivals.

The influx of foreign tourists was a major driver of this growth, as it increased by 15 percent compared to the same period in 2023, equivalent to about 340,000 additional foreign tourists, who constituted 56 percent of total arrivals, an increase of one point over the previous year.

The report quoted the Minister of Tourism, Handicrafts, Social and Solidarity Economy, Fatima Zahraa Ammor, as saying that “these exceptional results open the door to promising prospects for the 2024 summer season and for the year as a whole,” adding: “We will continue with the tourism roadmap programs and strengthen our efforts with all partners, in addition to… “To our cooperation with professional actors to achieve other positive results.”

The Minister added: “We are continuing on this path and implementing the regional and national programs of the road map, which is expected to enable us to receive 15.5 million tourists by the end of 2024.”

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