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Armed militias detaining Moroccans in Thailand, forcing them into cyber fraud

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Young Moroccans have reported being detained in housing complexes on the Thai-Myanmar border by armed militia members, mostly Chinese nationals, after scamming them with non-existent job offers.

Aged between 19 and 27 years old, the Moroccan nationals were drawn in to work in the field of e-commerce and other high-paying professional offers, after they were contacted by these scammers who paid for their flight tickets and hotel accommodation, before kidnapping and torturing them in order to force them to work in cyber fraud networks.

Fadoua, the sister of one of the victims, told Hespress AR that her brother, 25, was working in e-commerce and residing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, before he received an offer to work in China for a high wage.

Fadoua explained that her brother left after a short visit to Morocco to Thailand, where he checked in through the VIP gate, then  taken to a hotel, and later transported by car to China, only to be surprised to be detained in a compound guarded by armed militias, and forced to work with 158 other male and female Moroccans within the same compound.

The victim’s sister, who lives in Marrakech, added that young Moroccan men and women detained in Thailand by these militias are forced to work daily for at least 17 hours in front of computers in electronic fraud operations, before being allowed two and a half hours of rest and sleep.

The militia members smashed the victim’s phone and tortured him by hanging him in handcuffs and beating him with sticks and electric shocks, after they discovered that he had leaked the location of the compound where he worked and the phone numbers of some officials in text conversations with his family, who turned to the security services in Marrakech to file a complaint about the kidnapping.

The sister of the detained victim appealed to the General Directorate of National Security, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and human rights organizations to take action to free the detained Moroccans.

Fadoua confirmed to Hespress AR that the detained Moroccans have been subjected to torture for days after information about their situation leaked on social media, especially Instagram and TikTok, explaining that the victim’s family was checking on him by communicating with a young Moroccan woman who works with him in the same compound, before her communication with her got permanently cut off more than four months ago.

The victim’s sister warned that her brother has been detained for more than eight months by these militias, and cannot be contacted for some time, stressing her fear that he is at risk of being killed, based on what he told his family.

According to the same source, Moroccans, Tunisians and other African nationals have been missing for months now, as they continue to be exploited against their will for small wages that are spent within the same detention housing complexes, where they have to spend the money on purchasing food and some simple daily necessities at high prices imposed by the scammers and armed militias.

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