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Dutch-Moroccan influencer detained in Morocco over blind-dating show outfit

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The Rotterdam-based influencer Armani L’Goumani finds herself stuck in Morocco after participating in a YouTube dating show, Hespress AR reported.

The 20-year-old’s choice of clothing and her unconventional way of choosing a date have sparked controversy, leading to her detainment by authorities.

L’Goumani, who is of Dutch-Moroccan descent, says she was stopped at the airport while attempting to return home. 

Moroccan customs officials informed her that she was under investigation and needed to report to the police station for questioning.  Currently, she’s renting an apartment in Morocco, waiting for the situation to unfold. 

While L’Goumani admits feeling shell-shocked and operating in “survival mode.”  She explains that she agreed to participate in the dating show and wore the said outfit. 

“I was asked to participate in that show and showed what clothes I would wear,” Armani said. 

However, upon seeing the final video, she acknowledges it might have been “too exposed and confrontational.”

The video, which has garnered over two million views, triggered a wave of negative reactions. L’Goumani speculates that the intensity of the backlash stems from a confluence of factors.  

She believes her outfit might have been culturally insensitive for Morocco, and her “feisty” attitude on the show may have rubbed some viewers the wrong way.

Adding fuel to the fire was L’Goumani’s decision to let her dog choose her date based on appearance.  

This lighthearted attempt at humor landed poorly with Moroccan authorities, who interpreted it as disrespecting societal norms. 

L’Goumani maintains that her actions were not meant to offend or promote controversial practices, emphasizing her respect for Moroccan culture, even if she wasn’t fully aware of all the nuances.

The Moroccan audience, however, sees things differently. They believe the video normalizes scantily clad dressing, casual dating, and the use of an animal to make such a crucial choice. 

Facing accusations of promoting “un-Moroccan” behavior, L’Goumani expressed her frustration and regrets participating in the show entirely.

The potential consequences are concerning. In Morocco, “intentional nudity and indecency” can lead to a two-year prison sentence and a fine.  While L’Goumani fears jail time, she suspects her situation is more about setting an example and appeasing citizens who find her actions unacceptable.

The controversy has divided opinion both in Morocco and the Netherlands.  Some, even in her home country, find her behavior disrespectful and deserving of punishment.  

“Some people in the Netherlands also enjoy it. They think I should go to jail,” Amani said.

However, L’Goumani has also received messages of support from people around the world. 

Taking responsibility, L’Goumani apologized on TikTok, explaining her Dutch upbringing where short skirts are commonplace. 

With legal counsel on the horizon, L’Goumani waits for clarification from Moroccan authorities regarding her fate. 

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