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Activists call on Nador authorities to take action against animal abuse

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Activists and animal rights advocates are urging authorities to put an end to the killing and poisoning of stray animals in Nador.

Individuals in certain neighborhoods poison animals, particularly stray cats and dogs, to eliminate or reduce their population and spread.

Additionally, pedestrians and road users in Nador frequently encounter the carcasses of animals killed in car accidents due to recklessness, speeding, and a lack of caution in dealing with animals on the road.

“The lack of accountability for animal killers for their heinous practices, such as poisoning or killing them without cause, or assaulting them in any way, only encourages them to continue their actions until everyone is convinced that committing various crimes against animals is very normal,” animal rights activist Nafissa Chemlali told Hespress.

Indiscriminate hunting and culling operations have also faced criticism and condemnation from animal rights defenders in Nador, who consider it a “bloody and barbaric hobby” unrelated to sports and entertainment.

“Nador citizens have become increasingly frustrated with the recurring scenes of animal killings, and awareness of the rights of these creatures is growing rapidly on social media and among activist groups working,” Chemlali reiterated.

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