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Healthcare workers in Morocco announce strike, medical student boycott continues

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Tensions are mounting in Morocco’s healthcare sector as eight unions representing various healthcare workers announced a two-day strike planned for April 24th and 25th, impacting hospitals nationwide. 

The strike will encompass various healthcare establishments, including university hospitals, central management offices, regional delegations, and health centers. 

However, according to a press release issued by the coordination, the critical services of emergency departments and intensive care units will remain operational. 

The unions, including organizations like the Independent Nurses’ Union and the National Health Union, aim to achieve long-sought improvements for healthcare workers. 

They are calling for the government to address marginalization and fulfill the “legitimate and fair demands” of various categories within the sector.

The coordination hails this unified action as a “courageous, bold, historic, and unprecedented step.”  

Their press release underscores their expectation that the government will finally address their concerns and respond to the justified demands of healthcare workers.

This announcement coincides with ongoing protests by medical students who remain resolute in their school boycott. 

Since the beginning of the academic year, these students have taken to the streets in protest, refusing to resume their education or taking exams.  

Their primary grievance concerns a controversial government reform that would shorten the standard medical training program by a year.  

The students vehemently oppose this reduction, arguing it would compromise the quality of their education and potentially jeopardize patient care in the future.

The National Syndicate of Higher Education warned of the danger of continuing the paralyzing situation in the faculties and its negative impact on public training in medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry. As the ongoing students’ strike extends to its third consecutive month, it foreshadows a blank year.

One of the most prominent issues facing the sector is the possibility that the current academic year in these faculties could be a blank year.

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