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Morocco, Key Partner of Council of Europe

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The Council of Europe (CoE) shed light on the important partnership with Morocco in a joint press release following a working session with the Interministerial Delegation for Human Rights (DIDH).

Speaking on the occasion of the visit, on April 15 and 16 to Strasbourg, of a large Moroccan delegation led by the Secretary General of the Interministerial Delegation for Human Rights (DIDH), Abdelkarim Boujradi, the Secretary General of the Council of Europe (CoE), Marija Pejčinović Burić, also commended the role that Morocco plays for other countries in the region.

During this working session, which took place on April 15 in the presence of Morocco’s Consul General in Strasbourg, Omar Amghar, Boujradi, for his part, stressed “the importance of initiating positive dynamics to face common challenges” in the field of human rights.

Boujradi also held, on April 16, a working session with the President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), Theodoros Rousopoulos. 

On this occasion, Rousopoulos praised the solid relations uniting the two parties, notably with regard to Morocco’s active role in the Parliamentary Assembly, thanks to the status of “Partner for Democracy” which the Kingdom has enjoyed since 2011. 

“The strength of the Council of Europe lies in its adoption of a true partner approach,” affirmed Boujradi for his part, adding that the two parties are on the right path towards more solid cooperation beyond their “respective borders”.

Several other officials from the different departments of the Council of Europe (CoE) have received the Moroccan delegation, notably the Vice-President of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), Judge Georges Ravarani, the Director of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, Claudia Luciani, the Vice-President of the Conference of International Non-governmental Organisations (INGOs), Christoph Spreng.

The Moroccan delegation was also received by the Director of Program Coordination, Claus Neukirch, the Director of Anti Discrimination in the Directorate General of Democracy, Jeroen Schokkenbroek, the Director of Security, Integrity, and Rule of Law, Hanne Juncherk, and the Deputy to the Director Commissioner for Human Rights, Özgür Derman.

Led by Abdelkarim Boujradi, the Moroccan delegation also includes the Advisor to the Minister of Justice, Fatima Zahra Maelainine, DIDH Mission Manager, Abdelouahed Elatir, and the Head of the United Nations System at the DIDH, Zineb Ouaaba.

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