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Morocco Open to Partnerships Aligning with Common Interests (Minister Mohamed Sadiki)

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The Minister of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development, and Water and Forests, Mohamed Sadiki, affirmed, on April 16, that Morocco “remains open to diversified partnerships that take into consideration common interests, fully respect the sovereignty of each party, and aim to promote mutual understanding”.

In response to an oral question at the House of Councilors relating to “the developments of the maritime fisheries agreement with the European Union (EU)”, Sadiki indicated that these partnerships must be based on the sustainable management of marine resources in Moroccan waters, the protection of the national maritime economy and the preservation of the Kingdom’s sovereignty over all its waters and its exclusive economic zone.

In this regard, the official noted that the maritime fishing agreement between Morocco and the European Union is still in force and that it is currently being implemented through a series of bilateral agreements and executive protocols, adding that the last protocol signed in 2019 expired on July 17, 2023, and that its renewal “remains mainly linked to the position of the European Union”.

Speaking about international markets, Sadiki affirmed that Morocco is present in various markets across the five continents “thanks to its accumulated experience, through the supply of high-quality fishing products and full compliance with fishing health safety standards”.

In the same context, the minister stressed that the maritime fishing sector presents significant potential for export and development, expressing the Kingdom’s readiness “to examine all new proposals and any negotiations in this regard based on available potential”.

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Last modified: avril 18, 2024
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