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Higher Ulemas Council Sets Amount of Zakat Al Fitr

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Morocco’s Higher Council of Ulemas revealed that the amount of Zakat Al Fitr for the year 1445 is set at MAD 20 per person.

In this regard, the Council explained that Zakat should come from the country’s staple food by the Islamic measure of Sa’ which is equivalent to four moderate handfuls or 2.5 kg of barley or flour per person in accordance with the population’s consumption.

In the same context, the Council affirmed that it is possible to give  Zakat Al Fitr two to three days before Eid as it is possible to pay it in the form of money, with the possibility of giving a higher amount or quantity if the financial situation allows.

Zakat Al Fitr is a mandatory charity that must be given at the end of each month of Ramadan, established by the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon Him, with the aim of providing aid to people in need and promoting solidarity within the Muslim community. 

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