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Revenues from Morocco’s vegetable exports surge despite volume drop

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Morocco’s fresh vegetable exports defied expectations in 2023, with export earnings increasing by 12% to nearly $1.6 billion, exceeding the five-year average by almost 50%, an Easyfruit report showed.

This growth came despite a 14% decline in export volume to 1.06 million tons, attributable to harsh summer weather.

Greenhouse tomatoes continued to reign supreme, generating close to $1.2 billion and accounting for three-quarters of total vegetable export value.

However, even this sector faced challenges, with exports dipping 11% to 660,000 tons due to extreme temperatures.

Nevertheless, Morocco remained the world’s third-largest fresh tomato exporter.

 While the volume of Sweet pepper exports grew modestly by 4% to 174,000 tons, their value skyrocketed by 55% to a staggering $230 million.

This indicates a significant increase in selling price, potentially due to higher quality or targeting premium markets, Easyfruit said.

Zucchini and pumpkins rounded out the top three, with exports valued at $45 million for 47,000 tons. Notably, zucchini exports remained stable year-over-year.

Greenhouse cucumbers, exhibiting the most dynamic growth, saw exports surge by a remarkable 60%, reaching $23 million. Various greens, herbs, carrots, onions, sweet corn, and brassicas contributed significantly to the overall export success.

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