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Moroccans have lowest concerns about electricity supply among African nations, finds poll

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Only 1% of Moroccans expressed concern about the electricity supply in Morocco, according to recent findings from a poll conducted by the pan-African network Afrobarometer.

This starkly contrasts with neighboring African countries such as Nigeria, South Africa, and Benin, where at least three in 10 citizens consider electricity a top priority for government attention.

The low level of concern among Moroccans reflects the perceived effectiveness of the government in providing this vital resource to its citizens, with nearly 80% applauding the government’s satisfactory performance in this matter.

A staggering 99% of the surveyed regions in Morocco, as enumerated by the Afrobarometer team, possessed an electricity grid accessible to the majority of households.

This positions the kingdom favorably in contrast to Madagascar and Zimbabwe, where electricity grids are almost scarce, leaving only three in every ten households with such access.

It additionally mentioned that 85% of Moroccan respondents from rural areas and 92% from urban areas praised the reliability of the electricity supply.

The poll results also suggest that access to the electricity grid in Morocco has improved over the past two years.

The report noted a 3 percentage point increase in the proportion of respondents living in areas served by an electric grid between survey rounds in 2011/2013 and 2021/2023.

Among Moroccan respondents, 99% reported access to the grid, with 95% stating they have a connection to their home from the mains.

While this places Morocco in a favorable position, it still trails behind Seychelles, Mauritius, and Tunisia, where connection to an electric grid is practically universal.

However, in terms of a reliable electricity supply, Morocco surpassed Tunisia. In the Kingdom, 89% reported that electricity is consistently available from their connection, with only 5% indicating a lack of access to the electric grid or connection and 6% expressed concerns about the reliability of the electricity supply.

In contrast, around 10% of informants in Tunisia voiced dissatisfaction with the reliability of their electricity supply.

The report indicated further a decrease of 3 percentage points for Morocco between Round 6 (2014/2015) and Round 9 (2021/2023) in the proportion of all respondents stating that they have electricity that works ‘most’ or ‘all’ of the time.

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