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Protesters burn pictures of Biden, other American officials in protest against Gaza aggression

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Protesters in support of Gaza burnt for the first time in front of Parliament images of President Biden and other American officials to condemn the American administration’s support for Israel.

The protest, organized by the National Action Group for Palestine and the Moroccan Observatory Against Normalization” saw participation from various bodies, trade unions, and civil society groups.

Held on International Jerusalem Day, it coincided with similar events worldwide protesting threats to Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Participants burned the Israeli flag and images of Biden, Secretary of State Blinken, Defense Secretary Austin, and Israeli PM Netanyahu. They decried Zionist terrorism, U.S. support for Israeli actions, and weak Arab regimes’ stances, calling for an end to normalization with Israel.

The organizers stressed Jerusalem’s significance religiously and historically for Moroccans and urged the government  to prioritize Palestine, sever ties with Israel, and oppose normalization.

The protest’s spokesperson emphasized personal obligations to support Palestine, urging boycotts of pro-Israeli businesses, financial aid for Palestinians, media confrontations against negligence, and political opposition to Zionist influence.

The demonstration aimed to raise awareness about ongoing Palestinian struggles and urged collective action against Zionist influence in Morocco.

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