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Morocco scores low on global IQ ranking at 174 out of 199 nations

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Morocco came in 174th globally out of 199 countries in terms of average IQ, according to a recently published research study by the CEOWORLD Magazine, scoring 67.03.

This assessment indicated that the kingdom ranked among the lower-scoring countries, not only worldwide but also within the Arab world and the North African countries.

On the global stage, East Asian nations dominated the top of the (IQ) rankings. Japan took the crown with an impressive average IQ of 106.48. Close behind were Taiwan (106.47), Singapore (105.89), Hong Kong (105.37), China (104.1), and South Korea (102.35).

The report attributed the high average IQ in Japan to several factors, namely the country’s strict educational system, significant investments in research and development, and efficient policies in the field of education as well as technology.

Among North African nations, Libya led the pack, ranking 115th globally with an average IQ of 80.92. Tunisia followed closely at 122nd with a score of 79.22. Egypt came in third for the region, but 142nd worldwide, according to a recent assessment, with an IQ of 76.32. Algeria fell behind Egypt at 76.00.

Within the Arab region, the United Arab Emirates stood out, claiming the 106th position globally and achieving the highest average IQ among Arab nations, with a score of 82.05.

Following closely behind was Lebanon, securing the 110th spot with an average IQ of 81.7. Qatar trailed behind, securing an average IQ of 80.92, placing it behind Libya, with Jordan following suit in the 117th place, boasting a score of 80.7.

Sudan ranked 125th, while Oman claimed the 128th spot, Kuwait followed at 129th, and Palestine at 134th. Saudi Arabia fell slightly further behind, securing the 141st position. However, Yemen and Mauritania found themselves at the tail end of the list, occupying the 182nd and 188th spots respectively.

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