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70% of Moroccans support banning begging

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CESE survey: 70% of Moroccans support banning begging

Hespress ENThursday 21 March 2024 – 10:29

A survey conducted by the Economic, Social, and Environmental Council, as part of its preparation of a report on “Begging Practices in Morocco,” revealed that 70% of participants support banning the practice.

According to the survey results, conducted through the CESE’s platform “Ouchariko,” 99% of respondents consider begging a “serious social phenomenon.”

They link the dangers of this phenomenon to its impact on widening the scope of poverty, compromising human dignity, threatening public order, and involving risks of exploitation by criminal networks.

67% of survey participants admitted to donating to beggars for various reasons, including religious, social, cultural, and sometimes out of fear.

Begging Panhandling Survey

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