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Moroccan activists face trial for pro-Palestine protest calling for Carrefour boycott

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Thirteen Moroccan activists, including two prominent members of the Moroccan National Front for the Support of Palestine and Against Normalization (FNSP), are set to stand trial today. 

The charges against them stem from their participation in a protest against French supermarket giant Carrefour held in the city of Salé on November 25th, 2023.

The FNSP views Carrefour as complicit in Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories due to the company’s alleged investments in Israeli settlements. 

The protest, organized by the FNSP as part of their ongoing boycott campaign against Israeli-linked companies, was met with a harsh response from Moroccan authorities. 

The activists now face accusations of “participating in an unauthorized demonstration” and “inciting to demonstrate.”

The FNSP has vehemently condemned the upcoming trial, labeling it a “sham” and a “blatant political maneuver” aimed at silencing its members and intimidating supporters of the Palestinian cause in Morocco. 

The Front has been a vocal critic of the Moroccan government’s decision to normalize relations with Israel in December 2020. 

Since then, the FNSP has emerged as a leading force behind the country’s boycott movement against Israeli companies and products. 

The FNSP views the trial as a deliberate attempt by the Moroccan government to criminalize their activism. 

They believe the charges are politically motivated and designed to discourage further protests against Israeli-linked businesses and the government’s normalization policy. 

The organization has vowed to continue its campaign against normalization despite the legal threats, emphasizing their unwavering commitment to supporting the Palestinian people’s struggle for self-determination.

The FNSP has called on the Moroccan public and international observers to closely monitor the trial, fearing the potential use of the legal system to suppress dissent and silence voices critical of the government’s policies. 

The trial is likely to reignite tensions surrounding the issue of normalization with Israel in Morocco and raise concerns about the government’s commitment to freedom of expression and the right to peaceful assembly.

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