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Teachers resume protests against suspension of colleagues, threaten escalation

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Hundreds of teachers gathered outside the parliament building in Rabat on Sunday, demanding the reinstatement of their colleagues who were suspended for participating in protests against the Fundamental System.

The teachers, representing various regions across the country, joined forces to show solidarity and determination to meet their demands. They emphasized their unwavering commitment to their cause, both for the suspended teachers and for broader improvements within the education sector.

The teachers strongly condemned “unfair and unjust” decisions against hundreds of their colleagues for exercising their legitimate right to protest and strike. 

The protesters denounced any attempts to silence their voices or deter them from fighting for their rights.

The teachers’ demands include reinstating suspended colleagues, improved salaries and working conditions, smaller class sizes, and increased investment in public education.

The protesting coordinations warned earlier of deepening the crisis between the teaching staff and the ministry due to these suspensions, which came after the ministry issued warnings to some teachers and referred others to disciplinary councils. 

The coordinations also said that these measures will delay the return of the suspended teachers to their students, due to the procedures required. 

These procedures are expected to be delayed due to the issuance of the fundamental system for the Ministry of National Education employees and waiting for the decisions of the administrative committees with equal members.

The Unified Coordination of Teaching and Support Staff in Morocco stated that the suspensions were not based on any legal basis, resulting in disciplinary sanctions outside the legal procedures in force. The coordination also criticized “the compulsory signing of petitions and commitments with no legal basis.”

According to the same body, this proves that the arbitrary suspension decisions issued since the beginning of January of this year were purely political, considering it “an unprecedented human rights setback by the government.” 

The teachers protests are part of a wider trend of social discontent in Morocco, with various public sector workers, including doctors, voicing their concerns about low wages and challenging working conditions. 

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