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Morocco exports over one billion dirhams of artisanal products in 2023

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In a speech delivered on Wednesday in Casablanca, Head of Government Aziz Akhannouch underscored the vital importance of craftsmanship for the preservation of Morocco’s material and immaterial heritage.

Moroccan craftsmanship, according to Akhannouch, stands as a cornerstone of the national economy, contributing a substantial 7% to the GDP. Furthermore, it employs nearly 20% of the active population, and its exports recently surpassed the significant milestone of one billion dirhams between 2022 and 2023, experiencing an estimated growth of 7%. These remarks were made during the inauguration of the 8th edition of the National Craft Week (SNA).

Akhannouch pointed out that the craft sector not only enhances the country’s tourist appeal but also represents nearly 10% of foreign exchange tourist revenues.

Highlighting the government’s ongoing efforts, the Prime Minister spoke of initiatives aimed at structuring the sector and enhancing the competitiveness of artisans who play a crucial role in passing down their skills from generation to generation, thus safeguarding the rich cultural heritage.

To support artisans, the government has implemented legal and regulatory measures, including the framework law 50-17 on craft activities. Additionally, the creation of the National Craft Registry has seen the enrollment of over 389,000 artisans, and the introduction of Mandatory Health Insurance, benefitting more than 641,000 individuals, further demonstrates the government’s commitment to the well-being of artisans.

The Moroccan prime minister went on to outline the government’s additional support through programs focused on improving artisanal production, market knowledge, and export orientation. Notable efforts include the establishment of centers of excellence for sectors such as carpets and pottery.

Certification programs and quality labels have also been introduced, with more than 69 collective brands. Akhannouch highlighted a 55% increase in the number of enrollees in training establishments, indicating a proactive approach in preparing the next generation of skilled artisans.

The Prime Minister reiterated the executive’s steadfast commitment to developing mechanisms for training the next generation of artisans, modernizing the craft sector, and addressing challenges such as competitiveness, digitization, inclusion, and youth integration.

Akhannouch praised the organization of the National Craft Week, describing it as a crucial event that brings together stakeholders in the sector to consolidate achievements, showcase capacities, and address ongoing challenges.

The 8th National Craft Week, organized by the Ministry of Tourism, Crafts, and Social and Solidarity Economy, under the High Patronage of HM King Mohammed VI, has attracted more than 350 participants from twenty different countries, further confirming the international appeal of Moroccan craftsmanship.

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