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Moroccan Brand DARI under fire for appearing on an Israeli marketing website

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DARI, a Moroccan brand renowned for its couscous and pasta, is under fire these days after discovering its products are listed on the website of Tomar, an Israeli company involved in importing and marketing food products.

This discovery has triggered widespread condemnation and a storm of criticism, with social media users, including international supporters of the Palestinian cause, calling for including this Moroccan brand on the boycott list.

This list, now well-known to many, already comprises several brands allegedly showcasing overt support for Israel amidst the ongoing war in Gaza. This includes Starbucks, McDonald’s, Carrefour, Puma, and Zara, to name a few.

“Those inquiring about the company DARI, it’s a Moroccan company that has entered into a partnership agreement with a Zionist company to export couscous and pastries to the entity of the enemy,” posted Journalist Abdessamad Benobbad on X (formerly known as Twitter), attaching the link to Tomer’s website where Dari products are listed for verification.

Quickly the hashtag #BoycottDari spread among social media users from different countries, with many voicing “their disappointment about the deal.”

“I invite you to boycott their products! I’m so disappointed in this Moroccan family brand,” said one X user.

Another X user joined the #BoycottDari hashtag devising a new slogan similar to the one the Moroccan brand uses to promote itself, stating, “CousCous Dari, I swear it won’t ever step foot in my home.”

The appearance of Dari products on the website of the Israeli company Tomer founded in 1983 has split public opinion on two sides: those protesting against the aggression Palestinians have endured since October 7 of last year by Israel and those defending their national economy as well as Morocco’s best interests.

Many Moroccans, in this regard, opposed the idea of boycotting Dari since it is a Moroccan-made brand and does not operate as a foreign subsidiary company.

One Instagram user under the name Moroccanpeaace commented, saying, “I don’t care. I’ll keep supporting Moroccan products because it’s Moroccans who are behind them. I won’t jeopardize families’ livelihoods for the sake of an ineffective boycott that doesn’t change anything.”

Another Instagram user said “keep boycotting Moroccan companies until it hits your own economy. We don’t even know who’s behind these ideas.”

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