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Morocco’s Election to UNHRC Presidency, Source of Pride for Arabs

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Morocco’s election to the presidency of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) for 2024 is a source of pride for all Arabs, in particular the institutions concerned by this issue, affirmed on February 18 in Doha, the Chairman of the Arab Permanent Committee on Human Rights, Talal Khaled Al Mutairi.

“The Kingdom of Morocco is the first Arab country to have the honor of occupying this position,” stated Al Mutairi at the opening of the work of the 53rd session of the Arab Permanent Committee on Human Rights.

In the same context, Al Mutairi rejoiced at this achievement, calling for greater confidence in the capabilities of Arab countries.

It should be noted that Morocco is represented at this session by a mission from the Interministerial Delegation for Human Rights led by Secretary General Abdelkarim Boujradi.

This session will cover several topics, mainly the situation in the Gaza Strip, the Arab strategy for human rights, and its results five years since its adoption at the Summit of Tunis (2019).

Discussions will also focus on laying the foundations of a program to support the implementation of the Arab Plan for Human Rights Education after its official launch last December in Tangier, as well as examining the means enabling the strengthening of the Arab institutional system in the field of human rights through the launch of an Arab forum of national governmental human rights mechanisms.

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