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Moroccan artist Rym Fikri takes down social media amidst tragic murder of her husband

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Moroccan artist Rym Fikri took down all her social media posts and videos, opting to share prayers for her late husband, who was murdered recently in a case that shocked Moroccans.

According to Hespress, a reliable source revealed that the police seized Fikri’s phone for investigation early on but later returned it.

Sources close to Fikri mentioned her distress over her husband’s death and the accusations against her. The victim’s body has not been found yet, and investigations continue, with one suspect confessing to the crime. There are suspicions that the body was disposed of in a river after being mutilated.

Reem Fikri’s lawyer, Murad Al-Ajoouti, criticized the online defamation against his client, stating they are gathering evidence before deciding on legal action.

Last Wednesday, authorities in Casablanca, with the help of national security, arrested a French-Moroccan suspect linked to the kidnapping, torture, and murder of Fikri’s husband.

The suspect allegedly placed the victim in a container at his home before disposing of the body in a river near Rabat.

The main suspect, Reda Abakrim, known as ‘Turbo’, is a ‘top priority’ for French anti-drug trafficking authorities and has been on the run since 2007, the year of the murder in Poissy (Yvelines, Paris region) of Brahim Hajaji, for which he was accused.

In this case, he was sentenced, in absentia, in June 2020, to 21 years in prison by the Versailles Assize Court, near Paris.

“Turbo” was arrested on December 22, 2020, at Casablanca airport after narrowly escaping Dubai where French anti-drug trafficking investigators were pursuing him.

In Morocco, he was prosecuted for ‘participation in kidnapping, sequestration, and voluntary homicide’ in the same case since he holds Moroccan nationality.

Over two years later, a Moroccan court acquitted him of the murder committed in France in 2007.

Abakrim, 40, is considered by investigators to be one of the biggest cannabis exporters from Morocco to France.

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