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Artist Rym Fikri pleads for ‘respect for grieving,’ breaking silence

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On Thursday, social media was rocked by the news that the husband of famous Moroccan artist Rym Fikri was killed after he was kidnapped last week in Casablanca and subjected to torture.

Rym Fikri broke her silence for the first time to comment on the news.

In a post on her official Instagram account, she expressed her deep thanks to everyone who called her or sent her a message.

Fikri called on all her fans and followers to respect the circumstances she is currently going through, adding, “There is no stopping God’s will, and we are for God and to Him we return. Your prayers for his mercy.”

On Wednesday, members of the Casablanca judicial police station, in coordination with the services of the General Directorate of National Surveillance, arrested a French national, of Moroccan origin, suspected of involvement in the case of kidnapping and detention accompanied by torture and murder of the singer’s husband.

The investigation led to the arrest of the main suspect, who contributed to the physical execution of the crime of kidnapping, abduction and torture leading to death, inside a container at his home in Mansouria, in the suburbs of Mohammedia, before disposing of the body in a riverbed in the suburbs of Rabat after mutilating it.

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