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Uncertainty looms over Brahim Diaz national team choice

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Real Madrid striker Brahim Diaz has added to the speculation regarding his national team allegiance, whether he will join Atlas Lions or opt for La Roja.

Diaz was asked about his potential move to the Spanish national team, following his standout display in yesterday’s match against Leipzig in the UEFA Champions League round of 16 first leg.

He responded, saying, “I try to give my best and show it on the field. I also want to help my team and provide the necessary contribution.”

Avoiding a direct answer regarding his national team choice, Diaz added: “I am happy to be with these teammates because they make my job much easier.”

Spanish media reports suggest that Diaz’s response indicates initial agreement to join the Spanish national team, while the Moroccan Royal Football Federation is making significant efforts to convince him to join the Atlas Lions.

A Hesport source recently revealed that Walid Regragui will embark on a European tour in the coming days, starting with Spain, in a final attempt to persuade Diaz to represent the national colors of Morocco over Spain.

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