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NGO urges sterilization and vaccination of stray dogs amid reports of dog killings

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The ongoing killing of stray dogs in Tangier has sparked outrage from the Green Youth Movement, which denounces the continued violence despite collective commitments and collaborative efforts by the Ministry of Interior and other entities to “sterilize and vaccinate” street dogs.

The environmental advocacy group has vowed to escalate its actions after receiving reports of recent incidents, labeling them as “new crimes and massacres” targeting over 10 stray dogs in the Hassan II Complex area on Thursday.

According to a statement posted on social media, the killing occurred just hours after the approval by the Tangier municipality of a proposal submitted by the Green Youth Movement calling for “the cessation of all forms of killing against stray dogs in the streets of Tangier” and the adoption of alternative solutions, unanimously supported by the members of the municipality.

Expressing dismay, the movement condemned the actions of local authorities and health preservation departments, accusing them of disregarding scientific approaches and resorting to brutality.

“The movement emphasizes the necessity of taking effective and practical measures to halt this killing, including urgent actions such as the immediate disposal of all ammunition, including bullets and lethal poison, in the presence of the movement and civil society associations, to safeguard the municipality’s reputation and rectify this grave mistake,” the statement read.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior had previously allocated substantial funds to establish animal shelters and acquire the equipment for dog collection.

Collaborative efforts with the Ministry of Health and the National Office of Food Safety are underway to accelerate the sterilization and vaccination of stray dogs, with a comprehensive program slated for implementation over the next three years.

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