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Morocco excels at Kuwait Invention Fair with three golds and one silver

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Morocco has secured three gold medals and one silver at the Kuwait International Invention Fair for its  innovations, surpassing over 200 competing entries.

Among the standout Moroccan winners are Mohammed Al Wahabi, an engineer, and Ismail Aroor, a student at the International University of Rabat (UIR). 

Together, they earned a gold medal for their invention: a portable power generator harnessing solar and wind energy, tailored for outdoor usage.

Another gold medalist is Ahmed Zokar, also an engineer from UIR. Zokar’s invention aids patients recovering from leg surgery by assisting them in walking.

Fouad Faqiri, the director of a Moroccan startup, received a gold medal for his innovative device. Faqiri’s creation generates clean electrical energy by converting gravitational and magnetic energies into kinetic energy.

Abdullah Boualem and Mohamed Zamad, both professors at Casablanca’s Hassan II University, jointly earned a silver medal for a device designed to offer dialysis treatment, by purifying the blood.

The Kuwait Science Club revealed the winners of the 14th edition of the prestigious event in the Middle East, which took place from February 4 to 7. 

Inventors from more than 40 Arab and foreign nations, including Morocco, showcased their creations.

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