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HCP launches online platform for 2024 census registration

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The High Commission for Planning launched today a dedicated electronic portal for the registration of the census staff in the General Census of Population and Housing for the year 2024.

The 2024 census will be the seventh in Morocco’s history, using modern technologies by transitioning from paper forms to electronic tablets provided to field researchers, in addition to digitally and quickly processing data.

Ahmed Lahlimi Alami, the high commissioner for planning, pointed out that Morocco had finished the first phase, which involved preparing maps based on satellite images. 

According to Lahlimi’s clarifications, the second phase involves training the staff who will oversee the census. 

Electronic tablets will be used to collect data swiftly, allowing for the dissemination of results shortly after centralised processing.

Registration for the census is open to all Moroccans aged 20 or above as of January 1, 2024, students with a minimum of a high school diploma plus two additional years of education, employees of the public sector and those who are retired. 

Candidates must complete the electronic form on the designated portal (www.candidature-recensement.ma) from today until February 27.

Approximately 200,000 candidates will be initially selected based on the information provided.

Selection criteria are objective to ensure transparency and fairness in the process.

Selected candidates will gain access to the remote training platform (www.formation-recensement.ma) starting March 7. 

Following successful completion of the training, candidates will be appointed based on their performance and the country’s geographical needs, up to a maximum of 55,000 candidates. 

Accepted candidates will undergo an on-site training in August before starting field work for the census.

Approximately 55,000 researchers and monitors will be deployed, and an estimated budget of around 1.5 billion dirhams.

The second website is dedicated to the 2024 census (www.recensement.ma) will serve as a platform for real-time updates on the census process and facilitates interaction with interested individuals. 

The training content will be made available to the public to ensure citizen awareness and cooperation with the census staff.

During the 2024 census, two questionnaires will be used. The first will include all households and will contain demographic information.

The second questionnaire will only cover 20 percent of the population and will gather data on economic and social developments, as well as new issues such as the environment, sustainable development goals, climate change, migration, and population mobility.

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