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Study shows recruiters increasingly interested in employing the youth

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A recent study by the “Injaz” organization, presented at a symposium by the “Maghreb Alternatives” Foundation, reveals that 52 percent of employers surveyed reported that young people under 35 constitute between 26 and 50 percent of their workforce.

The figures come when youth unemployment in Morocco is more than double the general rate.

According to data from the High Commission for Planning, Morocco’s youth unemployment rate is approximately 32.7 percent, compared to the national rate of 11.8 percent.

The study, which surveyed 50 institutions, including private companies (52 percent), public institutions (24 percent), and social and solidarity economy institutions (24 percent), found that 44 percent have plans to attract and train job seekers.

60 percent of these institutions plan to meet their labor needs for the upcoming year, while 40 percent follow a traditional approach of recruiting only when a position becomes vacant.

Modern human resource management methods are increasingly adopted by Moroccan companies, with 36 percent utilizing dedicated software for processing job applicants’ CVs to assess qualifications and suitability for positions.

64 percent of employers no longer require a motivation letter from job applicants, underscoring the growing emphasis on skills.

Injaz stressed the importance of skill development for young job seekers, urging them to seek additional training beyond formal education, focusing on personality and digital skills, which are key to success in the job market.

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