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MACECE opens Fulbright Study Grant for Master’s degree to Morocco students

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The Moroccan-American Commission for Education and Cultural Exchange (MACECE) announced on Thursday the opening application for the Fulbright Study Grant program.

The Fulbright Study Grant, a fully-funded scholarship for up to two years, allows Moroccan post-bachelor students the opportunity to embark on a master’s degree journey in any discipline in the United States.

The program, funded by both the Moroccan and American governments, covers all tuition fees, accommodation, airfare, textbooks, and health insurance, and provides a monthly stipend for students during their stay in the United States.

MACECE is looking for applicants with the ability to flourish as scholars and leaders who will develop mutual understanding and friendship between the two countries.

The application for this scholarship opened on February 1st, and applicants have until June 15th to submit their applications.

Applicants with Moroccan citizenship and a bachelor’s degree are required to provide transcripts and scores of an English proficiency test. Most disciplines of study require the Graduate Record Examinations General (GRE) Test, while those majoring in Business Administration must take the Graduate Management Achievement (GMAT) Test.

“MACECE values diversity in terms of research fields and disciplines,” underscored Dr. Rebecca B. Geffner, Executive Director of MACECE, in a statement to Hespress EN.

She said that the Commission is open to projects from all fields, seeking those with “the potential to impact national development,” including topics like food security, climate change, cyber security, artificial intelligence, educational reform, and the promotion of the English language, among others.

In order to be selected, applicants are required to demonstrate leadership potential, in their current activities and the potential impact they can make upon their return, emphasized the Executive Director of MACECE.

The Commission values academic excellence and looks for candidates who have shown community involvement and social impact, in addition to cultural ambassadorship since the programs aim to foster cultural exchange and create future leaders.

Geffner noted that MACECE programs directly support the educational reforms of the Moroccan government. Moroccan grantees benefit from immersion in an English-speaking environment, which helps them enhance their professional proficiency.

Researchers and academics have the opportunity to conduct research in a different country, which aligns with Ministry of Higher Education reforms. This exchange will affect their publication potential and scholarly journal impact factors.

In addition, Moroccan teachers and student grantees are exposed to new educational systems, acquiring innovative pedagogical techniques to apply in their classes back in Morocco.

MACECE’s main purpose is to enable Fulbrighters to dispel preconceived stereotypes. The commission encourages grantees to share their traditions and cultures.

“Through Fulbright, the commission aims to create new pathways to create understanding and foster mutual friendship, with hopes of a shared vision for what the future looks like,” underscored the Executive Director of MACECE.

Fulbright Alumni have achieved positions as ministers, heads of major corporations, journalists, top researchers, and scientists, highlighted Geffner.

“Undoubtedly, we want to expand our reach and offer more occasions for Moroccans and Americans to profit from our scholarships. We want to be of a little focus on the richness and diversity of both countries, both intellectually and geographically,” she said.

The Moroccan-American Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchange, established in 1982 through a binational treaty between the U.S. and Moroccan governments, serves to promote understanding between the two countries.

The Commission’s main goal is to promote cultural understanding and education exchange, through the Fulbright mechanism. Annually, it provides 14 programs catering to researchers, academics, students, and teachers, offering opportunities for exchange both to the U.S. and Morocco.

Over the last 40 years, MACECE has developed a community of over 4 thousand Alumni across various fields. Annually, the commission sends 60 Moroccans to the United States and receives about 30 Americans in Morocco.

Among the programs offered by the Commission is the Fulbright Joint-Supervision program for Moroccan doctoral candidates to go for up to 1 year of research in the U.S.

Through this program, Fulbrighters will have the opportunity to work under the co-supervision of an American faculty member.

The Visiting Scholar Program is another program offered by MACECE for Moroccan professors to work on a research project in the United States for 3 to 6 months.

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