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Morocco’s AU PSC Chairmanship in February To Be Guided by Royal Vision of Joint African Action, Says Amb.

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Morocco’s chairmanship of the AU’s PSC during the month of February comes at a time when Africa is facing growing security challenges requiring innovative and comprehensive responses, Arrouchi told MAP.

The Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Kingdom to the AU and UNECA highlighted Morocco’s role and objectives, citing the strengthening of African dialogue and cooperation, the multidimensional approach to peacekeeping, the reinforcement of continental and international cooperation, humanitarian issues, and the sharing of Moroccan experience. 

With regard to strengthening dialogue and cooperation in Africa, Morocco will work to reinforce dialogue and cooperation between African states, as well as with international partners, said Arrouchi.

Referring to the multidimensional approach to peacekeeping, the Moroccan diplomat noted that it is clear that military solutions alone are not enough to guarantee lasting peace and security. Consequently, placing the security situation in a broader context, including economic and social development, remains an imperative to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of African action in managing conflict situations, he reaffirmed. 

One of the main objectives of the Moroccan presidency of the PSC is, therefore, to promote a multidimensional approach combining security, development, and social justice as a basis for comprehensive and lasting peace, reiterated the Moroccan diplomat.

With regard to strengthening continental and international cooperation, Arrouchi recalled that the Kingdom stresses the importance of continental ties and international cooperation as fundamental pillars for achieving security and development in Africa. 

On the subject of humanitarian issues, Arrouchi affirmed that the Moroccan Presidency of the Council attaches particular importance to humanitarian issues, such as the protection of children and women in conflict zones, and the promotion of food and health security, while calling for the strengthening of African and international efforts to deal effectively with these issues. 

The Moroccan diplomat also highlighted the sharing of Moroccan experience, underlining that as a country with long experience in managing security and development challenges, Morocco can offer a model of cooperation and innovative solutions in Africa.

During its presidency of the PSC, Morocco will have the opportunity to strengthen its position as an African leader committed to peace, security, and sustainable development, added Arrouchi, emphasizing the importance of the principles of dialogue, good neighborliness, preventive diplomacy, respect for the sovereignty of States and their territorial integrity, while combining diplomatic wisdom and innovation, with the aim of contributing to a more stable and prosperous future for Africa. 

The Moroccan presidency of the Council, which will coincide in February with the 37th AU Assembly of the Heads of State and Government in Addis Ababa, includes in its monthly program a PSC ministerial meeting on the theme: « Connectivity: the path to strengthening peace, security and integration in Africa ». 

The monthly program of the Moroccan presidency also includes a series of meetings of permanent representatives, to deliberate on priority issues for Africa in which the Kingdom has proven expertise. 

These include issues linked to the fight against terrorism and violent extremism, health security and its relationship with peace and security, transitional justice and post-conflict peacebuilding, preventing and combating the use of child soldiers, and follow-up to the Tangiers Conference on the Nexus of Peace, Security, and Development. 

Morocco, which is in its second three-year term as a member of the PSC after 2018-2020, also chaired this decision-making body of the African Union in October 2022 and September 2019, which constitutes a consecration of the Kingdom’s diplomatic efforts at the level of the Continent and a recognition of Its role in post-conflict prevention, management, and reconstruction, under the visionary leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI. 

In October 2022, Morocco’s presidency of the Council was marked by the organization of several meetings of great importance for the African continent. 

These included two ministerial meetings on « Development and de-radicalization as levers in the fight against terrorism and violent extremism » and « Climate change, peace and security: building resilience and adaptation for food security in African island states ».

In addition to these two important meetings, the Moroccan presidency was marked by other actions concerning, among other things, the security situation in Africa, the fight against terrorism with a focus on Morocco’s global and integrated approach in line with the orientations of HM King Mohammed VI, in addition to climate change, food security, and the implementation of COP 22 initiatives. 

During its presidency, Morocco hosted the first political conference of the African Union, in Tangiers from October 25 to 27, 2022, on « Promoting the Nexus of Peace, Security and Development, with a view to regional integration ». 

As for the Kingdom’s presidency of the PSC for the month of September 2019, it has been rich in action in terms of peace, security, development, and the fight against climate change. 

The mandate of the Moroccan presidency of the PSC in September 2019 was marked by the adoption of important resolutions.

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