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Authorities step up search for five missing students in Zagora

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The search intensifies for five students who mysteriously vanished while continuing their studies in Agdz, a town in the Drâa-Tafilalet region.

The students, three females and two males, resided in boarding schools in the area where they left behind a cryptic message pleading for forgiveness.

Jamila, Fatima, Halima, Hassan, and Younes, all minors attending a high school in Agdez, disappeared abruptly, sparking concern among family members, security authorities, and the educational institution.

Their sudden departure raised numerous questions, given their typically disciplined behavior.

Exclusive information received by Hespress suggests sightings of the missing individuals in Agadir city. The Royal Gendarmerie and Zagora secret service have launched investigations to verify these claims.

Under the oversight of legal authorities, efforts persist to locate the missing individuals. Witnesses, acquaintances, and family members are interrogated to gather potential leads.

While authorities dismiss any links to sorcery or treasure-related disappearances, the absence of concrete leads exacerbates the anguish experienced by the families.

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