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Authorities locate five missing children after ‘don’t look for us’ note

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Zagora: Authorities locate five missing children after ‘don’t look for us’ note

Hespress ENTuesday 30 January 2024 – 11:36

Local authorities in the region of Zagora successfully located five missing students on Monday, after they had disappeared last Thursday.

The children, who were found in the mountains near the Taftechna commune, were subsequently taken to the regional hospital for medical examinations to ensure they had not been subjected to any physical or sexual assault.

Hespress sources revealed that authorities and citizens conducted a thorough search campaign across the mountains, discovering the five missing individuals in good health. The group consists of three female students and two male students, all studying in the city of Agdz and residing in student dormitories.

The students had previously disappeared under mysterious circumstances, leaving behind a short note stating, “Forgive us, don’t look for us,” prompting local authorities, the Royal Gendarmerie, and government officials to take immediate action.

The Royal Gendarmerie will document statements from the students to unravel the mystery behind their disappearance and their departure from the student dormitories.


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