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Morocco leading African supplier of goods to Spain, third outside of Europe

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Morocco is Spain’s primary supplier in Africa and the third largest outside of Europe, after China and the United States, revealing the trade exchange results between the two kingdoms.

According to a report from the Spanish State Secretariat for Trade, the value of imports from Rabat amounted to 8,334,7 million euros during the first 11 months of 2023, representing a 2.9% growth rate.

In comparison, commerce with other countries has decreased by 6.8%.  On the other hand, the total exports to the kingdom reached a value of 11,249 million euros.

Spain’s foreign commerce with Morocco set a new record in the same year. In November 2023, exports from Madrid to Rabat grew to 3.2% of total shipments, up from 3% the previous year.

In addition, Morocco came in eleventh among countries exporting goods to Spain. Germany topped the list, with imports totaling 43,587 million euros, followed by China, France, the United States, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Turkey, and Morocco.

This ranking increase comes while Spanish exports of goods fell by 6.7% annually, totaling 34,878.3 million euros. Similarly, imports fell 8.3% annually, totaling 37,304.3 million euros.

Morocco has maintained its position as the top value provider of fruits and vegetables to Spain, with exports totaling nearly 664 million euros, according to the figures for 2023 as of last September.

According to the Spanish Federation of Associations of Fruit and Vegetable Producers (FEPEX), Morocco faces stiff competition from France in the Spanish market.

Paris has surpassed Morocco as the largest supplier of fruits and vegetables to Madrid in terms of volume.

France shipped more than 632,000 tons in September alone, while Morocco exported over 476,000 tons.

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