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Education Ministry halts wage deductions, postpones suspension talks

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Morocco’s Education Ministry decided to halt all wage deductions on striking teachers, as protests near their fourth month.

The Ministry additionally announced that all wage deductions for striking teachers have been suspended, pending further union and ministry discussions regarding the reimbursement of previous cuts.

On the sidelines of a meeting part of dialogue sessions between education unions and the Ministry on Tuesday, unions stated that talks with the government are ongoing regarding amendments to the new unified basic system.

Mohamed Khafifi, Deputy Secretary General of the National Federation of Education, affiliated with the Moroccan Labor Union, explained that  unions“we were able to stop the wage cuts given that teachers were merely exercising their constitutional right,” which protects them from vengeful practices.

Regarding the suspension of some striking teachers, Khafifi stated in a statement to Hespress that the Education Ministry decided to discuss this issue in an upcoming session to be held next Tuesday, during which the fate of 545 suspended public sector teachers nationwide will be determined.

The Deputy Secretary General of the National Federation of Education confirmed that the unions presented long arguments, insisting on the need to stop suspensions, which deeply hurt the principles of good faith that are crucial for such situations.

The Education Ministry reviewed draft laws related to the controversial basic system, which will be presented in the government council on Thursday for approval before referral to Parliament.

he matter concerns a draft decree to withdraw the decree-law relating to changing the law issued regarding the establishment of regional academies for education and training.

The legislation is at the heart of this year’s education sector deadlock, which resulted in prolonged nation-wide strikes and several regional protests.

The government council will also study two draft laws, the first of which relates to changing the law issued regarding the establishment of regional academies for education and training, and the second to change the law requiring that the regulatory frameworks of the aforementioned academies be subject to the civil pension system created under Law No. 011.71.

The Ministry has begun dialogue sessions with trade union centers to further discussions, with the aim of amending the basic system and reforms that the sectoral professionals deeply disagree with.

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