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National teachers’ coordination promises continued action as school year rushes by

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The latest announcement from the National Coordination of Teachers and Support Staff, commonly known as contractual workers, reaffirms its commitment to continuing strikes and marches demanding the abolition of the unified status.

The coordination urges education workers to participate in local or regional forms of protest, stressing the defense of the dignity of the educational family and condemning the illegal stoppages affecting striking men and women scheduled for Saturday or Sunday, January 13 or 14, 2024.

In the same announcement, the coordination calls for responsible general rallies, involving all 140,000 members of the contractual educational family.

The latter are invited to assume responsibility for the success of these gatherings in terms of attendance, evaluation, and commitment to the results achieved.

The determination to continue the struggle will continue until the contractualization plan is abandoned and the civil servants are financially and legislatively integrated into the civil service,” stresses the Coordination.

The Coordination also expresses its disagreement with the arbitrary detentions of teachers and support staff, demanding their immediate cancellation by the competent authorities.

It also condemns the deliberate pressure brought to bear on some of the Coordination’s activists, placing all responsibility for the consequences of any persistence in this policy squarely on the ministry in charge.

In addition, the coordination is demanding the withdrawal of the sanctions handed down last year against activists, denouncing the ongoing deductions from the meagre salaries of teachers and support staff.

It calls for the reimbursement of all sums deducted, the promotion of contract staff without conditions, and authorization for the 2016 and 2017 groups to sit the professional competency exam.

The coordination also rejects the ministerial note on adapting the organization of the school year, calling it non-compliant and infringing on the right to learning.

In a critical tone, the coordination calls for the abolition of the regressive and unfair unified status, and the legislative framework of the contractualization plan.

It insists on financial and legislative integration in the public service, pointing out that until 2016, the government adopted this approach.

The coordination accuses the Ministry of adopting a repressive policy instead of resolving the educational crisis, jeopardizing the interests of learners.

It asserts that reprisals against suspended teachers, with accusations such as incitement to protest, testify to the absence of real solutions at Ministry level.

Moreover, the coordination expresses its unconditional support for the suspended teachers and calls for responsible material and moral solidarity.

In conclusion, the coordination urges all education workers to engage in qualitative forms of struggle, and warns against any complacency with misleading mediations, stressing the importance of each party assuming its historical responsibility.

It recalls that integration into the civil service requires the creation of budgetary posts, far from the symbolic formulas of regressive unified status.

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