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Fish Landings at Morocco’s Mediterranean Ports Down 7% in 2023

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Small-scale and coastal fish landings at Morocco’s Mediterranean ports reached 16,981 tonnes in 2023, down 7% from the previous year, according to the National Fisheries Office (ONP).

In terms of value, these landings decreased by 4% to more than MAD 586.93 million in 2023, compared to MAD 611.16 million the previous year, ONP pointed out in its latest report on small-scale and coastal fisheries in Morocco.

By species, the quantities of pelagic fish landed in these ports, located on the coast from Tangiers to Saidia, fell by 5% in 2023 to 7,824 tonnes, with an estimated value of more than MAD 152.01 million (+3%), compared to MAD 147.13 million/8,263 tonnes in 2022.

White fish landings rose by 1% to 2,871 tonnes, with a value of over MAD 108.05 million (+11%), compared to MAD 97.57 million/2,852 tonnes year-on-year.

Cephalopod landings fell by 14% to 3,948 tonnes, with revenues of over MAD 237.53 million (-20%), while shellfish landings rose by 58% to 1,255 tonnes, generating revenues of over MAD 81.83 million (+39%).

Regarding shellfish landings, they fell by 7% to 1,081 tonnes in 2023, with a value of around MAD 7.49 million (-21%), compared to over MAD 9.42 million/1,158 tonnes a year earlier. As for seaweed, landings fell by 100% to just one tonne, compared with 669 tonnes year-on-year.

Nationally, landings of marketed products from small-scale and coastal fisheries reached 1,350,190 tonnes in 2023, down 11% from the previous year.

In terms of value, these landings rose by 3% to more than MAD 9.98 billion.

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