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Moroccans stranded in Gaza accuse diplomatic officials of dragging evacuation process

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Moroccans stranded in Gaza grumbled about the delay in the repatriation process of the fourth batch by the authorities of the Moroccan Embassy in Ramallah, the Moroccan Liaison office in Tel Aviv, and the Moroccan Embassy in Cairo.

One of those Moroccans  questioned the justifications provided by a diplomatic source who revealed to Hespress AR “the absence of any new list being issued for all nationalities, not just Moroccan.”

The stranded individual claimed those justifications were “completely incorrect.”

“The Moroccan embassy in Cairo has been procrastinating on this matter due to the significant expenses required for repatriation, like providing a representative, transportation, and other expenses,” said the same person.

He emphasized that “the stranded individuals are suffering from this delay, especially since they have lost many relatives due to the war, and their current conditions are very dire.”

The evacuation operations have been limited to naturalized Palestinians and through their acquaintances, complained the same speaker, however, “Moroccans are still living in constant fear for their lives,” in a statement to Hespress AR.

Similar criticisms were voiced by another stranded Moroccan near the Rafah crossing who recounted that “a Moroccan official approached them and treated them with harshness and indifference, only for them to be later returned to Gaza without any explanations.”

“The Ramallah Embassy and Cairo’s services do not communicate with stranded individuals or provide updated lists of names,” said the same individual, stressing that “the Moroccan official who approached them near the crossing was interested in returning them to Gaza, not the other way around.”

He confirmed that “the situation is very difficult and they are currently on the streets, exposed to death ,” holding the Moroccan officials responsible for this situation.

Hespress AR tried to reach out to the said diplomatic source, the Moroccan Embassy in Ramallah and Cairo, as well as the Liaison office in Tel Aviv, but all of them declined to respond or provide clarifications.

Three batches of Moroccans have been evacuated to Egypt via the Rafah crossing since the start of the Gaza bombings, with the help of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation, and Moroccans Residing Abroad.

The first batch successfully repatriated 112 Moroccan individuals, the second batch transported 60, and the last batch transferred 74.

However, diplomatic sources previously informed Hespress that more than 614 Moroccans wish to leave Gaza, implying that about half of those trapped had yet to be evacuated.

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