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NARSA Calls for Road Vigilance Following Recent Weather Alert

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The National Road Safety Agency (NARSA) urged road users to remain cautious and vigilant following the weather warning issued by the General Directorate of Meteorology.

In a press release, NARSA urged road users to be extra vigilant, particularly due to the difficult weather conditions expected in some of the Kingdom’s regions of the Kingdom, calling on drivers of different types of vehicles to respect road safety requirements.

In this regard, the Agency stressed the importance of conducting mechanical maintenance of vehicles and careful technical examination of safety devices which should be completely functional to avoid breakdowns and technical incidents that could cause road accidents. 

The Agency also recommended that drivers take separate moments of rest to drive comfortably, as fatigue can cause concentration problems, affect their ability to judge distances and speed, and disrupt maneuvers while driving, emphasizing the need to avoid excessive speed and adapt to road conditions, while strictly respecting the Highway Code.

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