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Artist Dounia Batma requests royal pardon, reveals new details in the ‘Hamza Moon Baby’ case

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In a recent Instagram livestream, Moroccan singer Dounia Batma addressed the “Hamza Moon Baby” case, in which she is currently being prosecuted with a one-year jail sentence, calling for a royal pardon and revealing fresh details. 

She stated that the whirlwind that accompanied this case began with a 100% woven conspiracy, fabricated pictures, and inciting YouTube channels to harm her reputation in exchange for a financial sum, adding that she was subjected to all kinds of injustice, bullying, insults, insults, slander, and defamation, but she remained silent because she did not want to disrupt the case’s progress. 

For the first time, Batma responded to the artist “S.Ch” statements, reviewing legal documents that stated the latter filed a direct complaint against her and her sister, accusing them of attacking her through the controversial account because they were not invited to her engagement party, contrary to what she promoted that she sued the account for.

Batma explained that her ex-husband, Mohammed Al Turk, whom people thought was her support during this crisis, was a participant in the conspiracy against which she was exposed, noting that he was revealing all her secrets and what happened in her house, among other things, before adding that she was convicted of false testimony and there was no concrete evidence against her.

“I was a citizen before I became an artist, and I can benefit from the royal pardon, I want to thank everyone who stood in solidarity with me and my sister in this crisis, and I am surprised if my only sin was that I sang about my country and we went on an artistic tour in The Moroccan desert, I sang about the king, and I wore the desert blanket,” said the singer.

At the end of her live stream, Batma addressed a letter to King Mohammed VI requesting a royal pardon as a Moroccan citizen who was subjected to what she described as “injustice” and a woven “conspiracy,” to which she was exposed more than four years ago after her name was included in this file.

It’s worth noting that the Moroccan singer and the other defendants in the “Hamza Moon Baby” case were charged with misdemeanors for intentionally broadcasting and distributing personal information through information systems.

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