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Former MP proposes reception of 4,000 injured Gazans in Moroccan hospitals

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Former PJD parliamentarian and current member of the National Council for the Justice and Development Party, Ahmed Boukhebza, sent on Monday an open letter to the party’s Secretary-General, Abdelilah Benkirane, proposing the reception of 4,000 injured Palestinians from Gaza into Moroccan hospitals. Boukhebza also suggested adopting 4,000 Palestinian orphans.

“Our consciences won’t rest, our hearts won’t be at ease, and our minds won’t find peace until we witness, shortly, an ambitious Moroccan relief and humanitarian program, no less significant than the aid program for our Moroccan brothers affected by the quake disaster in Al Haouz,” said Boukhebza.

The former MP further added that he would consider the number 40 million people, which is the approximate current population of Morocco, as a benchmark for his suggestions.

As part of a broader relief program, Boukhebza recommended sending 4,000 Moroccan civilian volunteers and medical professionals willing to travel to Palestine for a month. 

Their aim would be to assist in rescue operations, debris removal, and the restoration of buildings and vital facilities.

The former parliamentarian proposed a media campaign to collect $40 million from the Moroccans, with a donation rate of one million dollars for every one million Moroccans.

The funds would support humanitarian efforts for the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Boukhebza urged collaboration with the Moroccan Red Crescent and civil society to rent and manage four licensed ships, facilitating the transportation of aid and volunteers to Gaza.

Highlighting the urgency of the situation, Boukhebza expressed concern over global campaigns collecting donations for the Israeli entity. 

The former MP said that the Moroccan Islamic-affiliated parties should play a more significant role in guiding the public and initiating robust political and humanitarian initiatives.

In his letter, Boukhebza called on Benkirane to supervise activities supporting the Palestinian cause, aligning with the aspirations of Moroccans and Morocco’s regional stance. 

Boukhebza encouraged coordination with constitutional and national sovereign institutions, engaging the Moroccan people and respected national figures, including former prim ministers.

Boukhebza concluded by expressing pride in the political stances taken by his party, referencing statements from the General Secretariat, participation in the Mohammed V Theater Festival in Rabat, and engagement in national, regional, and local marches.

So far, the death toll in Gaza has reached 21,978 since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas conflict on October 7 last year, as reported by the Health Ministry run by Hamas on Monday.

According to spokesperson Ashraf al-Qedra, the Israeli army killed 156 Palestinians and injured 246 others in the Gaza Strip within the first day of 2024.

Israeli attacks have resulted in the deaths of 326 medical workers, and 30 out of the 35 hospitals in the Gaza Strip have been forced out of service.

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