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French couple arrested in Spain for plot to sacrifice son in Morocco

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Spanish authorities said on Saturday that they had detained a French couple intending to sacrifice their five-year-old son in Morocco under the belief that he was possessed. 

The couple was arrested at the Algeciras port on the southern coast, acting on a European arrest warrant.  The parents, both with a history of psychiatric issues, were reportedly en route to the Sahara.

The alarming incident unfolded when the Civil Guard of Algeciras received an urgent collaboration request from the French Gendarmerie a few days ago. 

The plea for assistance indicated that a French couple, accompanied by their young child, was suspected of heading to Morocco.

According to information provided by the French Gendarmerie, the couple had a troubled psychiatric history and had confided in someone close about their sinister plan to travel to the Sahara and sacrifice their child, convinced he was possessed.

Responding to the gravity of the situation, a security operation was swiftly deployed to monitor exit points from the Iberian Peninsula to Morocco. 

This strategic move paid off as the parents and the child were located in a vehicle at the Algeciras port, just moments away from boarding a vessel bound for Tangier.

The apprehended parents have been taken into custody and are now facing legal proceedings. The judicial authority has ordered their immediate imprisonment. 

Fortunately, the child is reported to be in good health and has been relocated to a care facility for minors. As this disturbing case unfolds, the child will eventually be repatriated to his home country. 

This is not the first instance of French parents using Spain as a gateway to Morocco for illicit purposes. 

In August of this year, the Spanish National Police intercepted a couple at the Tarifa port (Cádiz) attempting to transport their two-year-old daughter to Morocco. 

A court order was in effect instructing them to hand over the child to French child protection authorities, citing concerns about her well-being.

The parents were en route to Tangiers with intentions to proceed to Senegal. These two interceptions reveal a recurring pattern of French nationals exploiting the Spanish route for activities contrary to legal and child welfare standards.

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