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Tangier Police Take Down Criminal Network Exploiting Migration Seekers

Tangier Police Take Down Criminal Network Exploiting Migration Seekers
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The suspects, aged between 17 and 33, were taken into custody following their involvement in a scam that targeted individuals through social media. The perpetrators deceived victims by falsely claiming to organize operations for clandestine migration to Europe.

According to a reliable security source, the suspects enticed their victims to the outskirts of Tangier and then violently robbed them of their belongings.

As part of the ongoing investigation, search operations were conducted, leading to the seizure of two utility vehicles and bladed weapons. Additionally, several mobile phones were confiscated, each bearing digital traces of the criminal activities perpetrated by the network.

The major suspects have been placed in custody, undergoing questioning to determine the full extent of their involvement in these illicit activities. Furthermore, two underage girls, also involved in the criminal network, have been handed over to the judicial authorities for further investigation.

This case is currently under the supervision of the relevant public prosecutor’s office, with efforts focused on unraveling all the circumstances surrounding this elaborate criminal network.

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