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DGSN Creates 13 New Security Structures in 2023

DGSN Creates 13 New Security Structures in 2023
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In order to strengthen community policing structures and promote services’ adaptation to the expansion of new urban centers, the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN) created 13 new security structures in 2023.

These are: the 5th district of the Rabat police prefecture, the Ryad police district, the 24th police district at the Marrakech police prefecture, as well as the creation of the mobile emergency police unit at the Kenitra police prefecture, two police dog brigades in Kenitra and Larache, and a mobile policing unit in Settat, DGSN points out in a press release on its results for 2023.

The creation of these 13 new security structures aims to strengthen the structures assigned to community policing and to ensure services’ adaptation to urban expansion, the same source underlines.

This also concerns the Rabat police prefecture, with the creation of the 5th police district and the Ryad police district, as well as the creation of 24 police districts within the Marrakech police prefecture. This brings the overall number of police districts throughout the kingdom to 454, covering all urban areas under the national security services.

DGSN also continued the generalization of emergency police units, operating under the supervision of the command and coordination rooms.

This year, the inauguration of the permanent mobile emergency police unit at the Kenitra police prefecture, marked a significant step forward. Made up of mobile teams of bikers and emergency vehicles, this unit responds effectively to citizens’ calls for help, ensuring rapid intervention. These vehicles are constantly checked and monitored by the relevant services at central and regional levels.

During this year, the command and coordination rooms handled a total of 19,722,041 emergency calls via telephone line 19, resulting in 867,042 interventions on public roads. Police emergency mobile units carried out 448,256 interventions on public roads.

In addition to emergency calls, citizens requested information, while some calls were negative.

In the same context, the uniformed brigades carried out 494 patrols on public roads, thus totaling 529,164 ground interventions, ranging from arresting people involved in criminal cases to reporting driving offenses, including law enforcement.

DGSN also inaugurated citizen reception areas, in partnership with the ministry in charge of Digital Transition and Administration Reform as well as the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

These areas were initially set up at the identity data registration center of the Temara provincial police district, at the foreigners’ section of the Prefectural Department of the General Intelligence at the Casablanca police prefecture, and at the 5th police arrondissement of the Mehdia-Kenitra district, pending a future generalization of this experience on a national scale.

These reception areas for Moroccan citizens and foreigners stand out for their facilities reconciling an aesthetic aspect of the interior architecture and an exemplary reception and orientation environment with the presence of male and female police officers, well qualified to guide users of this public service.

Equipped with an integrated information system thanks to computers connected to specialized systems and interconnected with scanning devices such as optical scanners and digital readers of fingerprints, cards and identity data, these centers aim to promote police services by considerably reducing the time required to receive and process user requests.

2023 was marked by strengthening territorial units with new teams, thanks in particular to the creation of two police dog brigades in the police prefecture of Kenitra and the provincial district of Larache, as well as a mobile law enforcement unit in Settat, in addition to three services specialized in road accidents in the police districts of Benguerir and Tangier-Beni Makada and another at the regional police station of Ait Melloul.

A new identity data registration center was also inaugurated in the Driouch district.

As part of improving security governance and modernizing the public police service, construction works on the new headquarters of the General Directorate of National Security are still underway over an area of 20 hectares in the Ryad district in Rabat.

It is an integrated administrative complex bringing together all central security departments in one place. Works in its various basic facilities reached a completion rate of 90%, in accordance with the work plans established to meet deadlines.

2023 was also marked by the launch of construction projects for seven new security buildings, including the Regional Security District in Fkih Ben Saleh, as well as the headquarters of police districts and road accident and health services at the Tangier police prefecture.

In addition, three police districts were created in Casablanca, Khenifra and Mohammedia. There was also an operation to re-equip and rehabilitate the headquarters of three police districts at the Casablanca police prefecture, three districts at the Fez prefecture, the headquarters of the Bouznika police station, and the mobile law enforcement brigade at the Fez police prefecture and a police district in Benslimane.

Furthermore, this year was marked by the launch of the complete deployment process of the new visual identity aimed at distinguishing the fleet of security vehicles from other vehicles and cars.

Thus, 549 intervention vehicles were equipped with this visual identity. At the same time, the modernization of the national security vehicle fleet continued with the acquisition and delivery of 2,132 new vehicles for the various regional and central national security directorates. These vehicles are equipped to meet the professional needs of different police units and brigades nationwide.

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