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Moroccan Karting Racers Roar to Victory at 2023 MENA Nations Cup

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The Royal Moroccan Federation of Motor Sports (FRMSA) announced that Morocco, represented by a formidable squad of 16 drivers across various categories, clinched the top spot in the overall standings, outshining competitors from the United Arab Emirates and the host nation, Qatar.

Individual honors were claimed by Nahil El Gahoudi and Nadir Kabbage, who secured the coveted first-place positions in Micromax and DD2 Master, respectively. Kamil Benchekroun, marking a notable return to the MENA Nations Cup, clinched an impressive third place in the Mini Max category.

In the endurance race, the dynamic duo of Tarik Almou and Ilias Fouquet propelled the Moroccan team to a commendable second-place finish, narrowly trailing behind Qatar.

This landmark achievement marks the first time an African nation has seized victory in the MENA Nations Cup, breaking the dominance of previous winners such as the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, and Oman.

With sights set on future triumphs, the Moroccan team now turns its attention to the upcoming FIA Games slated to be held in Valencia, Spain, in October 2024. The nation celebrates this historic win as a testament to its growing prowess in the world of international karting.

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