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Morocco secures top spot in Africa and Middle East mobile payments index

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Evina & Telecoming’s latest Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) Index spotlights Morocco as the frontrunner in the Middle East and Africa’s mobile payments landscape, boasting an impressive score of 3.6, Morocco.

The report underscores Morocco’s exceptional stability and robust protection against technical fraud within the DCB market, marking it as a dependable and cohesive sector. This stability has propelled consistent revenue growth without significant disruptions.

The report lauded Morocco’s ongoing resilience and advancements, signaling a solid base for future DCB growth.

Following closely behind Morocco, South Africa claims the second position, demonstrating substantial mobile payments adoption with promising potential for further DCB expansion. Meanwhile, Ivory Coast is the fastest-growing market, scoring an impressive 3.1.

In the Middle East, the report acknowledges positive strides in Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. With a score of 3.4, Saudi Arabia solidifies its standing in the region, contributing to the overall rise in the average score.

While highlighting improved security levels among DCB players in the MEA region, Evina executives stress the necessity of continued investment in development and security to sustain this progress and counter the threats posed by fraudsters targeting less protected regions.

Additionally, the report highlights substantial innovation growth, positioning it as a pivotal force in the mobile economy where DCB has already established a significant presence.

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