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60 Moroccans stranded at Rafah crossing, awaiting representative’s arrival to evacuate Gaza

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Hespress learned from an informed source that there are currently 60 Moroccans stranded in Gaza, awaiting the arrival of a representative from the Moroccan embassy in Egypt at the Rafah crossing, to complete their repatriation procedures.

The procedures requires the presence of a representative of their embassy to complete the crossing.

However, for those holding Moroccan nationality, the transfer process was hampered more than once due to the absence of those in charge.

Since the start of the war until today, the Moroccan Foreign Ministry has been able to extract only one batch; Meanwhile, the operation was obstructed more than once, and Moroccans were returned from the crossing to the Gaza Strip, facing bombing and the risk of death.

Hespress contacted both the Moroccan embassy in Ramallah and also in Egypt, and the answer was unified, which was the necessity of obtaining any data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Rabat.

The latter also did not clarify the information, at the time of writing this news.

Nationals in the strip have lamented the lagging procedure since the early days of Israli aggression on the Gaza, claiming that Morocco’s representative in Ramallah only visited the crossing on the first day of its opening.

Hespress sources at the Rabat Embassy in Ramallah stated that “the number of Moroccans from Gaza wishing to leave for Egypt via the Rafah crossing is around 576 people.”

Unfortunately, the Kingdom’s embassy in Ramallah announced “two confirmed deaths of Moroccans in the Gaza Strip due to Israeli bombing,” noting that “verification operations and the procedures followed are continuing for the other suspected cases.”

The Moroccan embassy confirmed that “efforts are continuing to evacuate all those holding Moroccan nationality stranded in the Gaza Strip to Egypt.”

Coordination with the Moroccan Liaison Office in Israel, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Egypt, and various concerned parties were listed as part of the Moroccan diplomacy’s tedious and time sensitive process.

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